Warriors of the Rainbow

Produced and directed by Melitta Tchaicovsky.

Synopsis: Since 1972, every summer, thousands of nature lovers from all walks of life go on a journey to a remote national forests across North America. They travel long distances to the Rainbow Gathering during the week of the Fourth of July, to experience the viability of living in a cooperative community in harmony with the earth.  In “Warriors of the Rainbow”, Ram Dass (the man who helped spark both the East-West spiritual revolution and the psychedelic revolutions), Art Goodtimes, Diamond Dave and others Rainbow Warriors express their love and hope for the future of humankind.

Letter from viewer:

 I have watched the film twice as of yet. The second time around just pulled me deeper into the perspective of the film. I have known of the rainbow gatherings since the late 70’s but never pay much attention to them.  While looking it up online I ran across numerous youtube pieces on the Rainbow gatherings and was immediately drawn in. I was not entirely aware they were still happening for one. But even more so the spirit and heart of what the gathering was manifesting was so beautiful. It has captured my imagination and, quite frankly, a deep longing within me. Several of the folks interviewed on your film articulated some themes that resonate deeply in my soul. The language used about ‘Empire’, ‘Babylon’, the tension/struggle of ‘playing by the rules of the game’ because we exist in the midst of the game makers but also needing a place to reorient and recall who we really are, the comments about healing and restoration of heart and soul, the freshness and aliveness of open and authentic spiritual consciousness that is shared and expressed among all, the hope for a transformed world that emerges from those who are finding this ‘organic’ and transcendentally-spirited vision of humans with humans and humans with the earth and humans with the cosmos – all of this and more speak to me. At the young-old age of early 50’s I am returning to the spirit of my youth and re-authenticating the real home of my soul. So I found the documentation of the Rainbow Gatherings and your film in particular and am moved. So if it is possible to obtain a copy I would like to do so.
Thank you for responding to my email inquiry. I wanted also to express that your labor of love is speaking that same spirit of love and shalom to others who discover it.
Jim Lossing – Grand Rapids, MI