Jaisalmer Ayo! Gateway of the Gypsies

By Pepe Ozan & Melitta Tchaicovsky

Shot in remote areas of Rajasthan’s Thar desert, in Northwest India, “Jaisalmer Ayo! Gateway of the Gypsies” captures the lives and journeys of nomadic communities who are believed to share common lineage with the Gypsies, also known as the Roma people.

From the open roads of the desert to their temporary encampments, the two filmmakers  followed the castes of Bhopas (storytellers), Jogis (snake-charmers), Kalbelyas (dancers), Banjaras (salt-traders),Gadolya Lohars (metalworkers) and Manganiars (musicians) who move from village to village in their struggle for survival.

The remarkable soundtrack of Rajasthani music merges with the images of an ancient world, while presenting the way of life, dance and rituals of the last generation of nomads remaining in the region.Total running time 54minutes.

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