The complete work of 3D computer animation pioneer Beny Tchaicovsky, this limited hardcover collection includes Tchaicovsky’s award-winning 3D animation still frames from his CGI, QR-code links to clips of his videos as well as his otherworldly surrealist paintings. The interviews and tributes in the book give a true sense of the man and his explorations of consciousness.This stunning compilation is a tribute to an inordinately talented and fecund artist whose work deserves much wider recognition.

Published in English with introduction by renowned Prof. Stanley Krippner Phd. A pioneer in the study of parapsychology and altered states of consciousness who interprets Tchaicovsky’s visionary world from the perspective of transpersonal psychology. The introduction is by acclaimed art historian and critic Jacob Klintowitz. Full Color 162 pages. Size 28 x 33 cm |11 x 13 inches.

Beyond Duality: The Esoteric Realism of Beny Tchaicovsky” is available to order now at the publisher website LAST GASP and on AMAZON. Released at the Science of Consciousness Conference 2016, and at the MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) 30th Anniversary event.

“I aim to explore new perceptions and create a symbology suitable to our times to remind human beings that life is a big mystery.”

– Beny Tchaicovsky –