ART opens the portals to the higher dimension of humanity consciousness and psyche. Envisioning the Earth as a work of Art, ArtNetwork Productions was established to promote through the visual media a worldview that perceives life and the universe as an evolving creative Consciousness. We are dedicated to the development of projects that promotes people’s traditions, art and culture.

 ArtNetwork  showcase the work of photo-videographer Melitta Tchaicovsky, .and promotes the release of Beny Tchaicovsky’s Multimedia Art Book published by Last Gasp showcasing the artistic legacy of this prolific artist.  Tchaicovsky’s style of expression has been described as Surrealist Art, Metaphysical Art or Visionary Art. He called it Esoteric Realism. His work spread a vast range of mediums: painting, digital art, photography, drawings, 3D animation and musical composition. Tchaicovsky created and performed his original music and soundtracks and had released four feature DVD’s of 3D animation with his original soundtrack, previouslydistributed by Sony Music Video and DVD International. Currently Artnetwork Productions holds the copyright of Tchaicovsky’s artistic legacy and represents this award-winning 3D multimedia artist.

Editorial photographic work, special assignments, stock images and 3D Animation licensing available upon request.

ArtNetwork Productions

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